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Webflow Staff Forum Identifier

Hi Webflow team,
happy to be part of a community where people are willing to chip in and help out. Speaks volumes of the community and what Webflow team has achieved. As I read through several post I sometimes look for an “official” answer that originated from one of Webflows staff. This can be hard to identify if you are new to the community and don’t know who @thesergie, @callmevlad, @danro or @brryant are. Sometimes I see members acting as representatives for Webflow and don’t know if they are staff or simply being helpfull. Is there a way the Webflow staff could distinguish itself so we (and new members) can readily identify who is part of the Webflow Official Team?

I think actual Staff have a blue name with blue highlight behind name :v:
But it’s not very notable indeed.

I noticed that but I’m not sure!

Hey guys, I just added a “Webflow Staff” label to everyone who works at Webflow :smiley:


Users without a “highlight” = regular forum member
Users with “highlight” = forum mod
Users with “Webflow Staff” tag = Actual Webflow Employee

Hope this helps =)


I’m a bit of a graphic designer myself, and as I excel at producing trendy and catchy pieces of pixels, I took on my time to do this. Think I did a pretty good job to make staff elves easily identifiable.


Thanks @PixelGeek. @vincent Your Photoshop skills sir are simply tasteful and much appreciated.

I love it! I’ll put it on our roadmap. :smiley:

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