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Very cool HTML5 live stream player (jQuery)

Hello all,
I have been trying to get this Plugin (]( working on my site. It is a great streaming radio plugin Luna Radio Player with Audio-Visualizer and am hoping someone can assist me with getting it to work. It is working great on a static page but we cannot get it to function in web flow. Please let me know what other info is needed to assist. It is vital to our site, and we really want to stay with web flow for our launch by end of week.

I just get a grey box. STJNTEST

Working site.

Please note that this is after the Token is verified which is per domain.

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK]
]Webflow - SacredTurntable

Have you published the site? Custom code does not show in the designer or in preview.

Morning! Yes, it is published. The grey box is what is coming up where the player should be. Please let me know if I’m missing something. It is strange because if i put the incorrect Token from the developer it will say the token is invalid. so it is doing something.

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