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I need help adding a internet radio embed into my webflow website

Here is my site Read-Only:

Ive been trying to add a internet radio onto my webflow website for the best of 5 hours now with various luck and many of errors. We got the player showing up, But not playing audio or updating anything. Then we have another widget that isnt showing up at all no matter what we do

Ive left my read only link above if anyone would be up to the cake for helping out, Much appreciated in advance

The radio control panel software im using is

Put all link and script tag which refer to external in head tag. And script tag which has code in end of body tag.

I actually got past that thanks to your help :smiley: Heres the updated version:

Im currently stuck on adding this into the website now:

Ive tried adding the Div line into here:

And followed the previous steps with your previous post, And this is where im currently stuck at

And i ended up finding my solution, My constant endevours, Almost 3am, Seems like the most productive times

Though my solution was puting the Div line into the custom code block itself inside the element