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First Radio Player on Webflow? : )

Hey guys,

Sorry guys, the radio is not working at the moment, trying to fix the bug

I’m working on a radio player (still not finished) that will live on the official Facebook page of Celio, a french fashion clothing store. I built two players, both using webflow & external .JS

The first player utilizes a blur effect, quite popular among IOS7

The second player utilizes a turntable effect.

The client chose the second player, and will be live on their page by mid April :slight_smile:


Looks good @liberrtines ! I was actually looking at a couple javascript players on codecanyon to add to my library, there was grooveshark that looked pretty cool, although i really like the look of yours also… you having that on github or you planning to sell this as a plugin?

Here is the grooveshark -like- player, but I like the look of yours better :smile:

If you are planning to license that, as opposed to having it open source, let me know, I might be interested to pick up a license from you :smile:


I found this one from Soundcloud,

Still have not been able to make it working on webflow but I am trying, looks good!

@liberrtines what! That’s insane! Again, bravo to you!

How did you manage those animations with webflow? Or did you custom code those parts?