Implementing HTML5 mute button

Hi All, I was wondering if anybody can help me here.
I have been using a div containing video for background (Not a background video widget) but cannot seem to get the mute button to mute and un mute the audio. Audio works fine if hear docked to play or be muted but when I use css and JS the entire video does not play at all.

I am not sure where I am going wrong or what I am missing but it is driving me nuts.

PS I am newbie to JS and Webflow

this is driving me bonkers I seem to have to tried everything but evidently not…

OKay I managed too solve this, quick pointer to anybody that new to this. When adding custom code you have to add tags and remember to close them even when embedding custom code into the and before the Whoop I cannot believe I spent hours trying every possible configuration and this was all it was… DOH! Love webflow though.

Any chance you could share the code and the process you took to achieve the result?

Would be massively helpful!

Many thanks,

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