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Custom JQuery based Audio Player Integration?

Hi Guys,
hope someone might be able to help me out on this one.

Since there’s no audio integration in Webflow itself, other than to embed Soundcloud or Spotify players, i went to search for custom plugins.
I came across a nice looking jquery based audio player called the tplayer there’s also a quick video explaining the process of it all for Wordpress, I believe.
Being html I reckon it’ll work just fine in Webflow too, right?

I’m a newbie so be easy on me here, lol.
I would like to create a custom accordion sort of a wrapper with a text Heading, that when you click the Text, the content (html-code box?) in this case the tplayer drops down and appears in sight.

Where should I be pasting the given code?
What code should I be using? I have my own host, not With Webflow, but if I were to upload the plugin and my mp3s to my custom host, would this work?
has anyone done something similar? Ive read through the “How to add jquery code” but like I say this is a little different to what I have planed.

Thank you very much for any hints or tips
I just don’t know where to start to be honest.