Blank for 4 secs and website loads only then

Hi all! :wave:t3:
I’d really appreciate your help and suggestions on this.

My website runs super slowly and I’m running out of ideas what that could be.
I’m running a few other Webflow sites and never ran into such a problem.

This website shows a blank white screen for 3-5 seconds and only then loads all of the content.

For context:

  • I’m still about to optimize some images (from .pngs to .webp using Webflow compression); already compressed some but I’ll do the same for the homepage.
  • I’ve optimized pics for the blogs, for example, and they also load same slowly;
  • I’ve just deleted the Google Analytics code, Google Optimize code and Facebook Pixel (under site’s settings;
  • I’m using some custom code but just a few lines (mostly for some custom formatting) (and literally 3 lines of code for a blog items slider - which you can see on the homepage, too).
  • My website is connected to a custom domain (.club) - from the same company I used to buy all other domains and they do work fine.

The fonts are not taking up a lot of space as well - I’m mostly using Montserrat and Inter in a few bits.

Any suggestions? I cannot leave it like this.
Thank you fam!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I loaded up your site:

And I didn’t experience any slowness or blank page.

Then I turned off my ad blockers and boom, there it was :smile:

Without ad blockers turned on your site performance is horrible (68):

With ad blockers turned on, it’s still not great, but much better (81):

Here are some of the sites my ad blocker is blocker (but not all):

Go through the list, fix everything, then check it again. Also, figure out what’s slowing this down without ad blockers turned on :+1:

hi @vytasvytas your issue is related to Swiper when you inspect your website it throws an error as it can’t find a reference to the library on CDN. The reference to this library should be revisited if the URL and version are correct and also for typos.

When you temporarily disable javascript website loads instantly.

BTW: Please ignore metrics as they only show you what potential issues can be fixed. Take it as a referential source but it doesn’t say anything about page speed. If it feels fast it is fast