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HORRIBLE page load- render-blocking resources and unused JS


My page load time is horrible-- lighthouse is giving mobile a performance score of 47.
Its taking over 6 seconds to load! 4 seconds for render-blocking resources and more than 1 second for unused JS. How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Hey @zooeypurdy

First things first you need to drastically reduce size of your hero image, right now it’s really big in size and in weight. It needs to be dropped down to about 300kb rather than 3mb.

Also might be worth removing your page load animation which isn’t linked to any animation.

I can’t look into your project settings but it seems that you might have added some custom code globally that you might not need on Homepage. Also unless you actually plan on using GTM to track analytics it might be worth removing.

Let me know iif iit gets any better once you update this.

Also one more thing, you want to minimize use of multiple fonts on your website and multiple weights.
If you are using custom font tty to upload only let’s say 2 different weights because even if you use only 2 it will load all 9 just in case

Hi! Thank you!
I have done those things and it helped a tiny bit, but unfortunately, not a ton. A fair number of font weights are used in my designs, is it really THAT bad to have a few extra font weights? Any idea what …css/pretailored.webflow.0ff2ec9ae.min.css is / how I could reduce? That looks like a big one.

I thiink that’s the part about fonts. As far as I know sometimes fonts can lower speed tests by like 10 points, but nevertheless don’t expect results much better tthan 70, that is approximately how good mobile can be

@zooeypurdy The CSS file you referenced is your site CSS. It includes normalize, Webflow base styles, and your custom CSS. The only thing you can do to optimize this file is to delete unused styles in the designer. No further optimization is available.