Verify Domain not working as I'm unable to use TXT _webflow

Last week I transferred a client site from my primary Webflow Dashboard to a clients dashboard, and I had to re-verify the domain.

Unfortunately, Webflow has changed their Domain Verification process and the Domain will no longer validate. (NOTE: it was been hosted and valid on Webflow for over a year, so all DNS setting are fine)

Core issues is that my clients older DNS provider does not allow a TXT record called “_webflow” to be added.

Short of migrating their DNS, has anyone else had this problem or had success in getting Webflow to manual validate the domain they were already hosting?

I submitted a support ticket with Webflow last week, and their have not responded, and clients site has been offline for 5 day now!

That’s a tough one. I’ve encountered a few “broken” DNS providers who have TXT record issues or who can only add TXT records through a support ticket.

I’d migrate their DNS to cloudflare, it just takes a few minutes if you have access to their registrar. Since their DNS fails to meet basic standards that seems the right course of action.

Also, for future reference, I always transfer a clone of the site and do the verification before cancelling the current hosting plan. That insures near-zero downtime even if you encounter issues in the migration.