Verification Issue TXT Records URGENT

Hi there!

I hope someone can help me. I´m struggling to verify my custom domain since a week now.
Everything worked with the CNAME and A Record, but not with the TXT.

I recently had contact with our domain provider again and it turned out that the TXT record with the name Webflow specified “_webflow” doesn’t work, but if we just enter “webflow” and the value Webflow specified, then it works, and the TXT is taken over by our provider.

However, I get the feeling that because the underscore is omitted, the TXT might not be recognized? However, it doesn’t work any differently with our provider, I also attached 2 screenshots.

Since this is the only with that is stopping us from starting with our business, I´d be happy if someone has an idea.
Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 11.18.29 AM

@Sabine - Your issue may be related to a limitation in the web interface your DNS provider is using where a leading underscore is being blocked. Ask your provider to manually add the record. If they won’t then ditch them and move your DNS to a provider that does since doing so is allowed in RFC 1035. My preference is Cloudflare (without proxy on A and CNAME records for Webflow). Hetzner is also a good choice.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with Cloudflare’s DNS setup;