Crazy domain - Can't verify domain

I’m trying to connect crazy domains to webflow
But I’m getting this error Unable to verify domain - please check the value of your verification key or check whether the TXT record has propagated.

Crazy domains said to ask webflow support the following: You may want to ask Webflow why you need to add the TXT record. This TXT record is usually is used for checking your account with them and for verifying the ownership of your domain name.
And ask them if you need that or do you need to add TXT record for your Webflow to work.
They then tried to sell me DNS premium upsell system

I would suggest transferring the domain to another registrar like GoDaddy.
It will then be easier to manage and connect to Webflow.
Their customer support is excellent.

You can keep the domain on Crazydomains, but use Cloudflare’s DNS for free.
This will allow you to add your TXT without paying additional fees.

Thanks, guys; I ended up paying for DNS. I’ll go with Cloudfare before I need to renew next year. Thanks agan

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