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Validation failure in CMS - can't resolve

Hi there, I’m trying to create new blog post via CMS and I’ve not had issues previously. Currently it’s constantly displaying validation failure error message when I try to publish an article. Validation Failure|525x255

Hey Avelyn C

It would help if you posted a read only link so that we could see.

However I had this similar issue just now and it turned out that I had written in the date the wrong way around i.e DD/MM/YYYY rather than the American style: MM/DD/YYYY

Make sure this is okay and try again.

Worked for me =)

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I was getting the validation failure for a whole lot of products I had imported.

Turned out there was a compulsory reference field that wasn’t selected. Thomas’s post put me in the right direction to solving it for me.

The problem was the validation error didn’t HIGHLIGHT the error, so I couldn’t immediately see the problem. But reading Thomas’s post prompted me to check every field to see if they failed validation in any way and found the problem field. Once I SELECTED a reference then SAVED the record I no longer got the error.

In testing if I SELECTED a reference field then DESELECTED the reference field then clicked SAVE: I got an error but it wasn’t a validation error, the field that was the problem got highlighted and the screen automatically scrolled to the field.

So the validation error I got seemed specific to this particular use case: I had imported a record but there was no data for the custom field that required data, so it allowed the CREATION of the record but when I went to edit that record it couldn’t validate it due to the empty field. A tricky one for the bug testers!

I just had exactly this issue - thank you!

The most frustrating part is that it shows the error pop-up but no error ‘identification’ around the incorrect field.

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I had the same issue just barely. Mine was because I had ƒ stop symbol like that in the desc of most of the collection issues and it didn’t like that.