RSS feed is invalid

Hi everyone,

I am sure I am just making some dumb mistake, but i can’t seem to see the issue. I am getting this message when trying to create an RSS FEED:

“RSS feed is invalid. Some of the title or item fields are empty in the resulting RSS feed.”

If you have any ideas, that would be great thanks!

Hi @Cameron_Johnson, thanks for your post. Could you please provide the link to the site:

Also could you inform which collection is having the invalid rss feed message? Do you have any fields in the Rss Feed which do not have any values in the corresponding collection item?

If you would like, you may also contact to

Thanks in advance!

Hey @cyberdave, thankyou but I just got it all worked out! Still thanks for your help!

Nice if you could tell what solved your problem. Perhaps some one else is having the same problem in the future :slight_smile:

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