Field Validation Error on CMS Import

Hello Everyone. I think I’ve run into a bug while trying to import a list of products to my CMS collection using the .CSV import method. I think I’ve narrowed down the cause of the problem by viewing the error report:

Apparently, the Description panel is causing a Field Validation Error. With a total of 129 products, only 27 succeed before the rest fail. Here’s a snapshot of the fields I’m importing:

As you can see, there’s just a section number in the description field that I plan on using later as reference to fetch and transfer to Custom Fields within the Products CMS using Parabola since you can’t currently connect custom fields in the Product CMS importer (this is a crucial feature by the way). But I’ve found that when I try and include the descriptions, I always get the error. Removing all the data from the “Description” fields results in a successful import, so I’m not sure what’s causing the problem…

If anyone could help advise I’d really appreciate it. We need to be able to upload custom fields to Webflow Products CMS, especially since myself others I’m sure are handling hundreds of products that are constantly changing. Thanks!


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Pretty frustrating that none of my post ever receive replies. Is there a problem in the way I’m presenting my questions? The last 6 topics I’ve created have received zero interaction, which almost defeats the purpose of a community forum.

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