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Using Webflow to build a basic CRUD web app

Hi all, does anyone have and Webflow experience where you can build some typical forms that post data to a database or collection and have it be displayed in a table on a password protected page where a logged in user can edit update and delete table data?

So basically a CRUD web app is what I’m trying to achieve. i understand that Webflow has some integrations with Zappier would anyone know if this is possible?

kind regards,
Andy H

Hi @Andy_Hoey , Welcome to the community,

I have no experience with it, just watched a couple of tutorials from them.
But you may want to look at which supports CRUD operations.

Thanks Pierre, that helps, it almost feels like the integrated CMS collections infrastructure can almost do this without the help on any 3rd part integrations? I feel Webflow could almost be perfect by having the ability to edit and delete content on the live site and even be able to post forms with data dynamically too without going to something like xano or zapier. My hope is they see this feed back and build something from this.

It just depends how sensitive your data is. I wouldn’t use Webflow collections for medical data for example. Last Finsweet video ( was very enlightening on that subject.
Fingers crossed for a more elaborated database in the future, I’m eager to see what’s coming next in the 14th of April Community update.