Can Webflow Do This

First major project inbound and of course I want to use Webflow, however to date I’ve only used it for static, basic sites.

This project involves a client side and member side to the site.

Client is simple landing page with a form, data is stored (somewhere!)

Memberside is a little more complex -
Member needs to login to own account.
This account will show some of the data clients have populated with the form, ability to call (maybe an integration with a voip system) plus abilty to be charged to make contact.

Think like a lead generation site but with members able to go in and pick/be allocated the leads.

At the moment I’m thinking I need to create a site then have a database (thinking MySQL or similar) so that it can store and get the data.

My client wants to have the site on their own sever/hosting service.

Is this something I can do easily on WF? Will I face huge problems - bear in mind I do not do much coding - but can easily learn if needed.

Interested in feedback and or links to relevant resources, be nice if this is a dumb question or if further info is needed!


Webflow is only good for the front end design, and limited CMS capabilities.
It doesn’t have support for a database, user-attached data, business logic etc.

If you really want to build this on Webflow you’d like need to go with a WWX stack meaning Webflow + Wized + Xano.

Webflow would handle the UX design, Wized would handle logins, payments, basic business logic, and your UX functional wiring. Xano would be your database and more advanced business logic capabilities.

There are variations to this stack, but there is a pretty solid community around the WWX stack, so you’d spend a lot less time wandering lost in the tundra.

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Thanks, this is exactly the sort of info I was looking for.