Data-driven Business Application

I wanted to use WebFlow to make an auction application. I found an old post that suggests you can not have a web form in your application that when submitted put data into the database? (you call them a collection) — is that true?

I looked through the tutorial videos and didn’t see much on building a true web application. I saw a lot of blogs (which is cool), but I’m looking to make more of a business application where you submit data through a form that populates a database, and display or interact with data from the database.

In my application people would use a form to put an auction item up for bids, and various users would bid on it. All of that interacting with the data stored in the database.

Can WebFlow do this sort of thing? Are there any tutorials on how to make interactive data driven applications?


P.S. - I wanted to ask about this capability before I dive into a real project Thanks

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Using the CMS API, you can. I’m not sure however how much you need to publish the site after each action. I’m not sure at all if it can be used with many users for an auction site. For that you’d need a user system and Webflow don’t have one at the moment.

A collection in Webflow is a table of a database. A database in Webflow is called a database, or the CMS. A record is called a collection item

Thank you very much. I want to make a true web application prototype, and for that I really want a relational database where users input data, and interact with data. This is mostly tabular data (as in excel and financial services applications)

Webflow seems great for marketing type applications and blogs, but that’s not what I need.

I appreciate your honesty, rather than “it can do it” (oh by the way you must jump through 150 hoops).

One suggestion for the Webflow development team. Use a REAL relational database and not an object database. [You know the other guys]