Using existing CMS content for future membership site

We are thinking about building a membership site with the upcoming functionality.

We would like to ideally build a new site with a new domain, visually corresponding to our main website. Would there be a way to share CMS content between those two sites? There is a lot of content that we would use on both sites. Entering content twice or exporting/importing CSV lists is not really an option. We would like to find an automated, hands off solution to this.

As those sites would also share the same CI, is there a way of sharing CSS between two sites?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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At this time Collections and collection data can only be accessed by the webflow project that it was created in. You cannot access it from another Webflow project. But this would be a great suggestion for our community wishlist.

Here’s a related item, add your vote if it captures your needs or create a new wishlist item.

Thanks. Voted. That would be it.

In the meantime, is there a workaround? Could I, for example, use Zapier or something like it to transfer/update between two CMS collections?

Absolutely. You could use Zapier to create a one-way sync between two sites/collections. I say one-way sync because creating a bi-directional sync through automation can get complicated. Better to use one site/cms as the source of truth and push new or updated items to the other one.

Another option would be to use Airtable as the source of truth and push the updates from there to the two sites using tools like Whalesync, Power Importer, or Nobull. Your clients or editors will just need to be trained/proficient in Airtable instead of Webflow, but that workflow opens up a lot of possibilities.


So that means that I could also pull that Info (Products for example) from our Salesforce account and push it to the Webflow CMS?

And why would you not use ZAPIER for the transfer from Airtable to Webflow?

Zapier can get expensive, the error handling is not great, and there’s not a built-in mechanism for handling API rate limits when doing bulk actions. The other options I mentioned handle errors and rate limits without introducing another tool to maintain or pay for.

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@Tobias, I have a few PowerImporter customers that are doing exactly this: using Airtable as their single source of truth and syncing it to multiple Webflow projects.

If you’re interested, DM me your email and I will ask them if they would be open to an introduction.

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@JudoHacker Thank you for the info and offer. Will Airtable also take/send data from Salesforce?

Yes, you can use an app like Data Fetcher to take the data from Salesforce’s API.

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Thank you! I am starting to check into these apps.

Nobull ist just starting out. Hard to say. I LOVE start ups and ambition (just like Webflow many years ago). We really need to build with tools that will last on the market. That question is impossible to answer, I know. Nobull is currrently ONLY for the Airtable-Webflow connection.

Whalesync seems attractive, as they are advertising the tie into other tools we use, such as Salesforce. Does anyone have hands on experience with Whalesync? Strangely enough they have no pricing info on their website anywhere…

I’ve had a demo for Whalesync but not used it on a project. Maybe they are still in private beta and that’s why not pricing is listed. I’d reach out for a demo and see it for yourself.


@matthewpmunger Thank you. I did just that.

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