Best Client Process for Freelance Designer

I’m a freelance designer and I want to start using Webflow to make sites for clients, but I’m struggling to understand the correct way to approach the process so that it will go smoothly, and be affordable for my clients.

In the end, I’d like a scenario where:

  • I can develop the site in my Freelancer workspace on a staging site
  • Once the client approves the site, I’d like to transfer it to them so that in the end they have full ownership of the site and are paying Webflow directly for a “CMS” site plan
  • The client only has to pay for the site plan, and can stick with the free “Starter” workspace plan
  • I can still access the Designer interface on their site (as a… “guest”?), to make future changes when they request

Can anyone describe the right workflow to make this possible, or explain the best process/workflow for a freelance designer?