Do I need my clients to purchase Webflow accounts?

I am starting to use Webflow to develop for other clients. I personally have the micro plan, allowing me to create unlimited public websites. Can I just create their websites on my plan and redirect their URL’s to it? Or do I need to have them buy accounts for their websites?

Hello @joshking518 :smile:

Option 1: Have clients create their own Webflow micro account, then transfer the finished product to their account. Then help them connect their custom domain to it.

Option 2: If your clients would rather you maintain their site, then connect their custom domain to their site and have them pay you the $4.99/month for custom domain hosting.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek. However, on my micro plan, don’t I get free URL hosting on my websites? So would I be able to host his domain names for free on the website I create for him using my own micro account? Also, if I did decide to have them buy an account, would I be able to create the site on my account and push it to theirs when I’m done, using my micro account?

You only get one custom domain name hosting on the micro plan. Any additional custom domains hosted by us will cost an additional $4.99/month/site

As for your second question, yes. Once you’re done with their website design, you can transfer it over to their account.

For more information on this, please refer to this article: Dashboard | Webflow University

hope this helps :smile:

PixelGeek didn’t point this out, but obviously, you can charge more than the $4.99 monthly custom domain for each client. You really need to be on the Pro plan to do that, so, you have more cost than the $5 a month, plus there is the fact that you are there giving your time in support to your customers. Why not make your money back and then some extra for your time? And remember, they are “your” clients (you acquired them). You just happen to use webflow.

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