Total cost transfer to Webflow

Hey there,
I have a wix website and currently need to transfer to Webflow (CMS plan). Could anyone tell me the exact cost include plan and domain hosting cost?

@jenn hi there! The domain web hosting is included in your webflow plan. The cost of the domain isn’t, although you can use a domain, that’s free. The domain cost depends on where you buy your domain :slight_smile: . The cost of the CMS plan is currently $20/month or $16/month if you pay for the whole year. You don’t need anything more than the free account plan since you won’t be collaborating or building other websites (I think).

EDIT: messed up some wording so it’s web hosting, not domain hosting that’s included in the webflow fee.

My website is in Wix so transfer from it would need me to find other web hosting. Do you know the yearly cost of webflow web hosting or should I use any web hosting?

@jenn I re-read my message and I have probably written the most confusion post I ever have on the forum, lol! So to be clear, a domain name is a separate purchase if you haven’t got one yet. Webflow’s web hosting (not domain hosting as I mistyped in my previous post) is $20/month or $16/month if paid for the whole year. That’s the only fee for using webflow. This covers your website hosting and the use of the webflow designer to build your website. So all-in you’re paying $20 or $16 per month for the CMS plan and that’s it.

One more question: am I require to purchase SSL from the domain hosting? Since I see that Webflow is offer SSL. Just for clarification!

I’ve always bought domain names with SSL included to be honest :woman_shrugging: . But yes webflow automatically adds SSL so I’ve never had to use it. I did re-read the article on SSL on the university and apparently you can’t even upload a certificate of your own unless you’re on the ‘enterprise’ plan so there you go, all included :slight_smile: . SSL hosting | Webflow University. It’s now also turned on as a default setting so no need to activate it. Here’s more on how to connect a domain name: Connect a custom domain | Webflow University

If you don’t need the CMS plan, it would be much cheaper to host elsewhere, simply export your site to any host you like - prices from free to a few dollars a month.

Right, but to free your content you have to pay a fee in the form of an account plan (lite +).

True, but you avoid the $20/m.