Using CMS to create user login


I’m trying to create some kind of system where my client can use the Webflow editor CMS to create new login data for their clients. This data contains an email, a password, and a dropdown where they can select either ‘page 1’ or ‘page 2’. Users can’t sign up, they can only log in using the data my client created. Also, depending on if my client selects ‘page 1’ or ‘page 2’, the user is redirected to this page after the login.

I’ve tried using Memberstack for the login, but I can’t get rid of the sign-up form. Also, if using Memberstack, I can’t find a way to link it with the website’s CMS (so you can use CMS to create the data).

Is this possible? And if yes, how? Thanks!

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Hello @Klaas_Vanhove

My name is Robert and I work at Memberstack. I think it should be possible to do what you are describing, but I would need a little more information about what you are trying to do.

So the site admin would have a list of username, emails and passwords (presumably from some external signup) that would then be used by users with those credentials to select a “page 1” or “page 2” field?

Memberstack does allow an admin to create a new user account with an email and a password. Once the member has signed up, users should be able to sign in to their account and access any site information.

The first problem I can see with this is data protection rules around user passwords. Memberstack (and all, if not nearly all other membership platforms) require passwords to have end-to-end encryption per data privacy laws. That makes it hard to put a password value into a CMS hosted on the Webflow site (I don’t believe there is a Zapier integration to do this, for example).

As for the dropdown, the best way to do this would be to add a member page of some sort where you have a form that includes an HTML embed of the Memberstack member ID. Here is a forum post from Memberstack that explains how to do this. I’d then send that form to an Airtable sheet (using Zapier) that’ll record which selection they made. From Airtable, you can push that information back into a Webflow CMS collection.

Again, I’m happy to give you more specific information but this should be a start. Just let me know.