Allow user to edit their own CMS data

Has anyone run into a situation where you’d like individuals to log in and edit their personal info, but should not have access to edit anything else? I’m building a website for an accelerator which has mentors. I’d like mentors to be able to log in, view their info, and edit things like title, headshot, background, and more. I certainly don’t want them to be able to modify other mentor’s info and most definitely not other website elements.



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With Memberstack you can build gated content. Maybe worth a try:

Awesome. Thank you. I have yet to dig in, but is there a zap or something that can push/pull data from the webflow CRM (that you know of)?

Any updates on this? Planning to do something similar.


@Jackovin & @Holta yep, this is 100% doable.

Here is a couple of quick screencasts of mine walking through exactly how to do this, my example is with a commenting system, but trivially retooled as a profile management system (as you’ve described):

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