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Using a Collection for Portfolio


I’m curious if anyone has used the CMS Collection feature for a portfolio. It seems like it might be a great way to allow users to sort by tags for specific types of work.

I’ve decided not to use the feature for my blog, because the styling for individual blog posts is too limited, but it might work great for work samples…

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We are using Collection feature for a portfolio (build with Webflow CMS)

Hey @tkister one can definitely use the CMS collections & conditional visibility to showcase their portfolio as done here: :slight_smile:

I do use the CMS aswell for my portfolio:


The conditional visibility is great @Waldo . You could basically build totally separate layouts with that approach. The only problem I see is that the content you set the conditions to still gets loaded in the browser so you end up with duplicate content although it gets hidden by CSS. It would be great if we also could have the possibility to choose whether or not the content should be included or not. Hope this makes sense :smiley:

Btw. it looks like you may have the problem with the CMS bug @StevenP try and republish and see if that does the trick :smile: Slick site by the way!

Huh, I can’t see that bug myself…!? To me it looks normal!

There was some p tags and huuge spacing between the lines.
Just checked again and now it´s fine for some reason.

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Cool! :smile:
And thanks for the thumbs up regarding the site :smile:

I really like the website @Waldo linked!
I was wondering how they managed to to the linking to next/previous project and the navigation at the bottom of the project’s page.
Could it be achieved with multiple reference?

Hey @falomoelena glad that you liked that site. :slight_smile: To perform the linking for Previous/Next buttons on that site a link field was used for each link, as those pages are actually created from a Collection Template :smiley: