Portfolio Website: link dynamic list items to different templates, or create multiple templates for a collection

I created a portfolio website and I’m using a collection to display my projects and the 1 template only works in some cases. Is there a way of creating another custom template for a collection? I am embedding a prototype from InVision, in a project page, however the CMS editor doesn’t allow you to embed html.

Currently the only work around is to include the prototype as an embedded element in the template and use the new conditional visibility feature to have it visible on the correct page, which you can see here.

Ultimately I would like to be able to create a new page that extends the template I created for my Projects collection so that I can add custom HTML and CSS to an individual project. I could create a new page for each individual project, but that defeats the purpose of using collections. Are there any work arounds where I could create a new page and still use the /projects rout and the data associated with my Projects collection?

Hello @Torin,

Webflow CMS system allows only one template per collection. You can use “Visibility condition” option for make some dynamic items show differently. I know @Waldo just finished one of the blogs where used this option. Maybe he can walk you through with more details.

Also, embedded code inside the dynamic items on the roadmap with high priority and I know Webflow team is working on it really hard.



Thanks @sabanna for the quick feed back!

I ended up finding a quick way of adding html to a CMS post by editing the post using the designer and adding the code into the form of a rich text box. Also I spend a lot of time trying to customize the look and feel of an individual post and I figured out a solution to embed custom designed content with web-flow into a CMS post, which I wrote up my process for here.

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