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Blog displaying related Portfolio Images

Hey All.

I have a photography friend who I am doing a favor for. I am using a FREE Template as the base that he likes and now adding some features to make it fit what he is wanting.

The template is the “PROOF” FREE template. What I have done is create a Portfolio Page, which will show just pictures. Viewers can click on a category and then see images in that category, then click on the image to see larger images.

But Wait… There’s More.

There is also a Blog, where my friend can write some commentary about a photo shoot he did or other bloggish type writing. What I am trying to do is make it so that in the blog post he can display images that relate to the blog post from his portfolio page.

So I created 3 collections: Blog, Portfolio, and Catagories.

Blog has a field that has 2 multiple CMS call that refers to categories, and portfolio items.
Portfolio items have a multiple CMS call just for Categories.

The idea is that he would upload his portfolio images classify them, write a blog about that shoot, Classify it and link any portfolio images to that blog post…

When site visitor goes to the site and reads a blog the blog content is there and a display of images associated with that blog from the portfolio page.

Am I on the right track? IF SO, why can’t I make it work?

Is there an article or other post using this same type of correlations between CMS Databases?

IF I am on the wrong track any suggestions?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yes you’re in the right track,

You’re going to filter your photos collection using one of the reference fields, you can read about this here:

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Thank you so much… I will read up on this.

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