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Flexibility of CMS


How would you apply the Webflow CMS feature if you have a variety of different project pages in terms of their html structure/layouts. In other words different “fields” would be required for different projects. (Rich text fields are not an option due to design specifics.)

For example, one project consists of only one image and some text, another project consists of 10 images and multiple text fields, with links and authors etc.

I think the real question is, does the Webflow CMS feature only makes sense if all of the collection pages/items have the exact same data/content?

Thank you.

There is no right answer here. Fields should ‘describe’ what the collection is about, and then you design based on that collection. Not the other way around.

Thank you for your reply. I strongly have to disagree with the statement that design has to follow the collection fields. In my opinion a CMS needs be flexibel and offer content modules which can be selected depending on your specific needs. (You create a projects page > drop in modules) This can be done in almost every CMS which is available out there.

So, I guess my temporary workaround would be to create a set of project pages with different fields then.

Have you also tried using conditional visibility if the template is mostly the same?

The conditional visibility feature might help me with most of my requirements. Will try it out to see how it works.

I’m not sure if understand the problem in whole but maybe you could do one collection for images and one for texts and so on and in you main collection you reference this other collections and if needed you just add a new picture a new text and when needed. A new function released a while back lets you add collection items to other collections if they’re referenced.

Makes sense? There’s one way to do things anyway =)