Collections--What Good Are They?

I’m very intrigued by collections, but I don’t quite get it yet.

At first I thought it was a database structure that could be accessed by the website user, such as accessing records according to field filters, such as if I had a Hotel website, the user could select which hotels to display based on location, price range, etc. But that’s not what it is, right?

So if it’s not that, what is it and what type of website client would be able to utilize it. If anyone could link to some websites, that would be helpful.

Hi @vernon

This link may help if you haven’t already seen it.

A collection is literally that. A collection of items that belong in the same group. Team members, categories, products, hotels, hotel rooms, news articles anything that has more than one type of, you can add them into a collection.

Filtering for the CMS user (i.e the website owner) - a user can filter the CMS to find collection items quickly so they make edits, using the Editor.

Filtering for the end user (the online shopper) - This is something that can be done, but it’s nothing to do with collections directly as such. You enter the collections to the designer, and you can use your design so that the end user can filter, whether it’s in Tabs

This site has tabs on the product listing pages that alloiw you to filter price high to low and boys, girls, unisex or everything. This uses multiple collections of the same type, on the same page, and uses the designers powerful filtering system.

For the end user to be able to filter their stay using multiple filters at the same time, live on the site will require custom code.

A good example of a site using CMS is one that @Macker just built here:

If you look on the projects page, you can see how he’s made it possible to filter the projects by tags.

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you for the information and the links. Did it require special custom coding to make the projects section in that architect site?