User Upload and Display Images

I am working on a project and need to give users the ability to upload 5 images to their user account and view them. I have two ways I have thought to try it but reach dead-ends on both. I would love some help from anyone who can offer it.

  1. User Account Custom Field
    ** I have successfully implemented the user account custom field file upload in the the account form. Right now, the user can upload the file and I can see it in the user account in my back-office. My progress stops however in knowing how to show the user their own image. They are able to see that the file was successfully uploaded, however they cannot see the image. How can I go about displaying their files attached to their accounts?

  2. Normal Form File Upload
    ** My other option is to have the user upload the image and type in their user account email. I don’t like this method since it is not really attached to their user account (plus if they don’t put the right email in that wouldn’t work). BUT, I can scrape their email off the page potentially and automatically fill it in. Either way, once the form is submitted, I once again am unsure of how to display the files. I am trying to put the files in a CMS collection but the Logic flows say that file uploads are not compatible. How do I go around that?

** I would really appreciate some help on this. I am frustrated that Webflow had me spend so much money to get the file upload capability but then tells me it is “not compatible”. Very frustrating…

If you’re good at custom coding, you can accomplish this using Memberstack, which has a read-write capability on its member info.

You may need a 3rd party tool like Uploadcare or Basin to capture the image and give you a URL to store in the user account data but otherwise it’s not complicated.

You can accomplish this with Webflow User Accounts as well be it requires a lot more infrastructure. SA5 User Info can access the custom user fields, but is not designed to update them. You could create 5 text fields, use Uploadcare, and a bunch of JS, and build this into the User Account screen. But it’s going to be rough.

@memetican is correct - here’s one tutorial that you can use to make it happen with Amazon S3 - not the most simple solution, but it works beautifully #97 - Upload Files To S3 Bucket | Webflow Powerups

Hey Thanks @Julian_Galluzzo . I just went through your tutorial but got stopped at 23:32 because when I click the link it says I don’t have access. I checked my S3 bucket and it looks like it didn’t make it there either. Would this be a problem with my connection on webflow then?

Follow up question, If I use your process, then do I not need to use the business plan on webflow for uploads? What is the minimum price I would have to pay to have this process work.

Last question, I am interested in the logic you had at the end there when you said you set the logo to data-ms-member=“logo”. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant. Can you elaborate?

@memetican I have tried this so many ways and have been stuck in all of them. Do you have any time for consulting? I need to get this project done and it seems like you have a lot of expertise.

Hi Kamryn, yes I can help. I’ll send you my details in a direct message.