Allowing Users to add Profile picture, images or other content


I’m building a marketplace, and I want sellers/users to be able to upload a profile picture as well as images of previous work they’ve completed. When I look at the account user settings, it doesn’t look like I can add an image or multiple images field.

Does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this? Either within webflow or with 3rd party support.


I’m not certain if it’s functional yet, or how well it supports a “profile photo UX” with the conventional default/upload/display/replace functionality.

But you would want to add the file type field to your user data fields first, and then you’d be able to add that field to your user-account page. Unfortunately you can’t test it without having your memberships site on one of the supported hosting plans.

Another option is to roll-your-own uploader using a service like Filestack.