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Video Hosting and User Uploads

Hello everyone

I hope you can help me with this conundrum I’m trying to solve. I’m building a website in Webflow that needs to have the following user experience:

  1. User visits the Webflow site and creates his/her profile page
  2. User has the ability to upload video files to his/her profile page
  3. Videos are visible on their profile page and only visible to them and those who have a link to it
  4. The user’s profile page should contain a video player for viewing the content.
  5. Multiple videos should populate one after the other, so the user can see his/her thumbnail of each upload and play the videos if they want to.

I’ve solved:

  1. By using Memberstack and Zapier to register users and auto-populate the CMS.

The rest remain unsolved and are proving quite difficult.

  1. The webflow file uploader file size limit is too small. I need something that allows hundreds of MB (if not GB) per single upload. I’m exploring Vimeo’s api/sdk, but I’m not sure this is a workable solution yet? How do I enable the user to upload the video, without them first having to have their own vimeo account (which seems to be part of Vimeo’s authentication process)? I basically want a webflow file uploader, but with a much higher file size limit.
  2. Multiple user profiles will upload to a single Vimeo account. Their profile page would then only return the link to their specific video. Ideally, this should auto-populate the CMS. So the flow would be: user uploads video on webflow, it somehow gets to Vimeo (or video host X), the Webflow Member CMS is updated automatically to keep a record of which video belongs to which user. That CMS field then populates the video block on their profile page. Am I daydreaming, or can this be done?
  3. Vimeo’s api/sdk seems to allow for their player to be brought into Webflow, although I’m not sure how it’s brought in?
  4. A repeat of process 3, but now Webflow should add a new video field on the profile page once an upload is complete.

This process seems to be a bit more complicated than I was expecting, so I’d really appreciate any help or advice anyone can give.

Thanks in advance

Hey TM_Tech, These are the same question i’ve been wondering myself. Have you been able to find a solution to the other more challenging conundrums?!

Hi - same question. How can I give users the ability to upload there short videos on the videos?