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User select some options and show the related products

Can Webflow build web page like this?

I have a few questions for the user to choose the options, some can only choose one option, some can choose multiple, is there any solution? Thank you very much!

Hi @V_L Welcome to Webflow!
There are a couple different ways you could go about this. depending on how dynamic you want it to be, you might be able to build it using the Finsweet CMS library or through filters (although to build something that complicated would take A LOT of filters).

Jetboost also has a filtering option you might be able to repurpose for this

Here’s a tutorial from Webflow on filtering and sorting dynamically

You’re not the only one who’s asked this, and I’d check out these other Forum posts too:
Multi-select custom dynamic filter (2018)
Custom dynamic filter in Webflow (2017)

I wanted a ‘quiz’ similar to the one you posted and the Warby Parker frame finder one, but I have a friend who’s a Developer that’s custom coding one for us using our CMS (I can’t code). Depending on how complicated you want it and how much time and money you have, that might be an option too.

Oh - and I’d put this post in the CMS part of the Forum, not Feedback, as a heads up. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!