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Multi-Select Custom Dynamic Filter

Does anyone have an explanation or video showing how to accomplish the multi-select filter for custom dynamic filters with the code and all?

This forum (Custom Dynamic Filter in Webflow) helped me accomplish the custom dynamic filter, but I would like to incorporate a way to make multiple selections to filter out content.

Any info/assistance is appreciated.


@sabanna Wondering if you have any insight into this question? As well as if multi-select filtering and “singular” sorting with a CMS collection is possible with/without the isotope plug-in? I know you made an amazing tutorial with the MixItUp plug-in here and was wondering if it is applicable to the isotope filter with toggle that you helped me with ?

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Hi, @Tony_Jones and @DominiqueW

I didn’t study Isotope plugin deep enough to give you a quick answer, sorry. That would require some research and I can’t tell you when I will have time for that, unfortunately.

In the meantime, the MixiUp tutorial has all steps to create multifilter for the dynamic content

Thanks so much! @sabanna

Is it possible to use toggle buttons? with the multi dimensional CMS filtering using MixItUp?

to make multifilter, i need to buy that MultiMixup, am i right?

Yes. The file that controls a Multi-filter is included in the paid (licensed) version.

Is there a way to do this with all of the filters being in the same category? I am trying to find a way to filter images by tags, but there are over 100 tags and each image has more than one

Hey! Check out our F’in sweet CMS Library for filtering!