Filter user needs to a selection of products

Hi there.
I’m building a website for a concrete specialist and he wants his users to easily be able to find the products they want potentially by answering specific questions pre determind answers and then filtering down the results… for example… Are you… an architect or a builder… Does your job involve this or that? Wwhat does the product need to do. etc…

Does anyone know if something like this is possible within webflow? would it be done by tagging products and filtering those products based on those tags? Or would this kind of functionality need to use a 3rd party?

Looking forward to any ideas, advice or thoughts.


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Webflow does not support this type of conditional logic so if you use Webflow you would have to write custom code to do it. Without a functional spec it is hard to define a solution. Start by completely writing the logic out then you will have a scope and go from there. There are third party product configurators you can look at or hire a developer.

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Thanks @webdev appreciate the reply.

hi @AlexTuskany1 to narrow your search I just would like to add on top of @webdev response that you are looking for a multidimensional filter. You should let know your client that more conditions he/she need to filter out recommended product more complex code need to be written.

Thanks @Stan

Absolutely - appreciate that these conditional filter results need a bit of work - was hoping it was something that could be done on webflow or with a third party but it sounds like coding is needed. Cheers


hi @AlexTuskany1 it definitely need custom code. There was a recent request for multi-dimensional filter and one member recommended Finsweet filter. It is actually not pure mutidimensional filter as is related to CSS classes but you can look into it if this kind if filer will do job for you.

If this would not work for you you can PM me and I can do free consultation to see what need to be done ( complexity ).

That’s ace! thanks so much @Stan