User login for E-commerce

Hello guys, I have a client who asks me for an e-commerce site with userlogin, I already know memberstack or memberspace, but they do not allow to do that. On several forums I believe that the webflow staff said that this was being developed, so I have three questions: - Can you provide us with a concrete date for the implementation of the webflow login system :slight_smile: ?
Also, do you have any ideas about efficient user login integrations for e-commerce sites because I really don’t want to go to shopify :frowning: ?
And the last one, do you know if a wishlist principle is possible?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello, I have the same question with JACQUESsss. I’m wondering if there’s any progress on this. I wish to create an e-commerce site with Webflow that allows users to create accounts that can be used for subscription in the future.

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