B2B clients wants ecommerce store behind login

Hi all,

I have a client who sells products exclusively to other businesses. Since the store isn’t open to all, they want to require buyers to log in prior to viewing product details and having the ability to checkout.

Currently they use Shopify for this and buyers can request access through a form, the client can then manually set up the account and email the buyer their login info. The buyer can then make purchases.

Is there a similar way to set this up with Webflow? Thanks!

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There is something in development (see User login and membership functionality | Webflow Wishlist) but not natively available yet.
You might want to take a look at an integration for a solution Integrations | Ecommerce | Webflow University

In my view, Account login is FUNDAMENTAL to fully functional e-Commerce. Without it, you essentially have an open cart. It’s missing fundamental tools to be successful.: Re-orders, tracking, order changes, multiple orders, subscriptions, secure notifications, refunds as store credit etc. etc.

Anyone from WebFlow have an update on this? Is it better to start from scratch with Shopify, or cobble something together with something like Foxy.io. - this is mission critical to a respectable e-Commerce offering. I made a mistake not checking this out before we spent a few weeks integrating a solution… Yeiks. Disappointing.

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