User accounts data linked to CMS Collection

Hey guys, i hope you all are doing well.
I’m coming here to ask for help.

I was trying without success to link my users data to a cms collection in webflow. I’m trying to build a dedicated section on my website where could be published all the info (name, profile picture, etc) of my freelancers and remote workers (Like LinkedIn) I just need to carry all the data from my users to that page.

There exists some resource or option on the Logic to move forward with this?
I don’t want to use others options like Memberstack or Airtable.

Thank you so much!!

I’d advise against it.
It’s not impossible, but you’d end up confronting a lot of problems and using a lot of duct tape to overcome them.

A fragile, makeshift system isn’t what you want to invest serious time in, especially when it falls over.

For this, you want Memberstack and Make, or Wized.