Useful free tools not only for single freelancers

If you are on free subscription to have Webflow only for designing components there is several ways how to export Webflow site or components.

There are several tools that allow export some services are paid but there are also good tools for free. All depend what developer skills you have but service I will mention are relatively easy to use.

here list I have tested for now:


Quick source viewer (chrome extension)

This extension reveal all code and export is done via copying code into clipboard. It is not best way but even that it is great tool to check what is inside website. I’m using this tool regularly

Website downloader (Github repo)
easy to use for non developers

This is free tool with GitHub repository an it has demo site you can try. It create bunch of static HTML pages that include CSS and JS related to page so animations, links etc. are working. It even generate HTML page for each template page with data from CMS.

Save All Resources (chrome extension)

Another nice tool for developers that allow you to download all website assets etc.

User JavaScript and CSS (chrome extension)

Used for when you would like to inject and test custom css and javascript into website. It remains functionality and styling after page reload. It has several features (eg. adding external libraries and switching their activation) that make this extension very useful.

As in current situation I’m looking to use Webflow for fast prototyping only I will test more tools in future that not only single freelancers can use.

If you have your favourite tool you are willing to share feel free to add it as we need to deal some way with latest Webflow updates.

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Actually, if you want to export your site, there is a genius new app: It changes the way you work with Webflow


HI @SoulFire I have visited this service a few days ago just to see what offers and it is not free but believe that it is great service and can be very useful. As I can design website in WF on free account I can export it and use HTML and CSS as It is all I need (use WF for fast design prototyping) as I do JS from scratch anyway.

I’m just trying how far I can go with Free account and if it will be for me good enough I will cancel my Pro subscription.

I have nothing agains Webflow as it is great App but it is not (for me as single freelancer) worth they asking now.

Hm, the free plan allows you though to export your website for free. I am using it and I think I will upgrade as soon as possible because it even allows to export CMS content and has crazy performance features I never saw.

You should pin it at least at your favourite tools above.

hi @SoulFire as it is paid SaaS (with free option) I will spend some time next week on it as it is not for me clear how it works and than make my decision.