Flexible Export Options on Free Plan

Please allow export of pages/site/code with free account. Why do I have to pay to NOT use your server and domain. I thought I saw online that you used to offer export with free account, but now you don’t. Or else a really low monthly or one-time cost to just use the design service. No one else is close with the flexibility and super-quick learning curve for responsive design…this is the best!. Please please please…allow export.


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Hey Larry!
Really glad you are enjoying Webflow. :slight_smile:

I believe the idea behind the upgrade-to-export requirement is that regardless if you host with Webflow or export to host yourself you’re still using the (awesome) Webflow designer and that is what the monthly fee is really for, the designer itself and the resources used to create sites in it, not the potential of hosting with Webflow.

If exporting was aloud on free plans people could potentially export over and over and never have to upgrade to support this awesome tool. You can of course contact support@webflow.com if you think you have an exception.

I do though completely agree with and think that the idea of a low per-export-fee is cool. @cyberdave may have more insight.

Hi @lmfrolich ! Thanks for your good feedback. I can completely understand your point about the exports. Having flexible export options for different plan types will be looked into.

I have tagged this as a wishlist item, so we can keep this conversation going :slight_smile:

If there is a special extraordinary circumstance that you need the export, such as in the case that you need to view what the code looks like after export for one of your sites, please send a request to support@webflow.com, and I will be happy to assist you with your request.



It’s not their hosting or server stuff that is the point of the business here, it’s the software that you are using that has a price attached to it my really not so smart friend. Kind of like all other software created as a service. Why would they allow you to use it for free, or really cheap?

If you can’t afford Webflow than do it the old fashioned way. Learn to code in notepad - it’s free.

Hello @cyberdave,

Seeing this trend … I was wondering if you guys would be adding a per export cost as a alternative for small and starting freelancers to use, following the new price change that just happened.

It would help us out a lot … especially if they are just creating 1 or 2 projects for now.

I mean looking at your plans right now … the cheapest plan that allows exporting is the $16/month with 20 sites which I am not in need now.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Elidia, thanks for the comment on this !

Until such an export plan option is made, one thing to do is to create a site on the free plan, and then upgrade to Personal for one month, export and then cancel the personal plan.


Thanks for sharing this and these comments are being taken into consideration !

Thanks @cyberdave for the alternative suggestion. Anyhow, would the money be refunded or credited?

I would also like to suggest a beginners plan … where 1 project but more pages along with exporting. Because the maximum of 2 pages is just too small. Or possible add on pages would be great too.

Thanks for listening,


Hi @Elidia, sorry for the late reply ! The upgrade to the Personal plan would be at least a one time cost of $20 to get the option to export.

After exporting you can cancel the Personal plan and not have to pay to Webflow any further fees, if you will not be Webflow services.

This article helps to show how to upgrade/downgrade/cancel: http://help.webflow.com/faq/how-to-make-changes-to-your-webflow-subscription-upgrade-downgrade-cancel-etc

I hope this helps !

Hey Dave,
This is a great suggestion. I’m one of those sometime users who’d like to give webflow a try but not doing enough with it to justify an ongoing subscription. I’d love a way to pay a once-off fee to export for say one page or one site without having to go through the rigmarole of subscribing/cancelling (not that I’ve tried that yet).

Currently have resorted to purchasing a WP theme which is less exciting than building my own in Webflow.

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