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I recentl found out about Webflow and I was going ALL IN until

I recently got to know about Webflow and all its features. Honestly, I was truly amazed by everything it has to offer, an amazing out-of-the-world editor that can design anything and everything you wish for.
I started attending the University courses and I found them to be exceptionally good. The quality of the courses…simply superb and everything was clicking in the mind.


I found out that the Code export functionality is not available in the Free membership. That broke my heart and all of a sudden I am considering dropping Webflow off my list. I mean really? You have built such a great eco-system for Web developers, Designers, clients and businesses. I was even contemplating starting my own Web development agency after realizing what I could do without coding and the power I would hold in the field.
All dreams went to the drain when I went to the Editor and discovered that I cannot export the code without upgrading.
Maybe you’re not realizing it but you are pushing new comers like me away just with this little issue. I mean, what harm could it possibly do if you just offered the editor for free. It’s not like we can steal away something that’s not ours.

Kindly, Kindly consider this request and think about it. This could be a real game changer for you and people like me.

I se your point, but in my opinion I think it’s ok to charge for this future. It’s a fantastic tool and why should they give it for free?

That’s my opinion

Respectfully, I have to agree with @JanneWassberg here @dreamygeek.

Webflow’s Free plan is packed with features. Ultimately, Webflow is a business - it exists to convert you into a paying customer. It wants to do that in one of two ways, either by having you sign up to one of the Account plans, or to use one of their Hosting plans.

By allowing code export on the Free plan, Webflow gains absolutely nothing - anyone will be able to create a site without paying Webflow a penny, and host it elsewhere, again without paying Webflow a penny. It just wouldn’t make good business sense for them to allow this to happen!

Hope you stick around and continue learning what Webflow has to offer and how it can empower you. Two years ago I had never heard of Webflow - now, I am on the verge of quitting my job and doing this full time as my business has scaled so rapidly!

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I am glad that your business is thriving. But for me, this was the only feature that stood out compared to other platforms including Wordpress, Wix and Shopify. Without it, its just like the others with a few tweaks.

Unfortunately there’s really no way they’d ever give away this functionality for free, so if that’s the deal breaker than I’d suggest looking into some other options.

That said, if you’re paying monthly it’s only $24/mo to unlock the ability to export projects and I can’t see how any business—even one that is just starting out—couldn’t save $1 a day to afford the cost. You can even develop sites on the platform without paying a penny (within the limitation of the Free plan) and pay for a single month of the Lite Account plan when your finished to export your project.

There are many other alternatives out there if you’re just looking for a visual designer, but every one of them is probably going to cost you more than $24.

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