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Use webflow with german provider 1und1


we want use Webflow on our Domain
Unfurtunately is it not possible to configure our domain like in your help doc
Ist cause our Provider 1und1 doesnt support to configuge a C-NAME Entry for the domain (just for subdomains)

Is there a alternative way to configure?

Thanks for your helping.

Yes, set A record to

after i set the A Record to the domain i can view the site with desktop browser.
If i use a mobile version browser i get a 404 Page not found.
Is there another step needed to configure? (


I am unable to help you further without knowing your domain name. Please post all relevant information when asking for help.


the domain is - but it seems it works now fine.
We just needed to publish the site to the domain.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling:


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