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HELP! 1and1 domain hosted in webflow

Hello everyone.
First i want to thank webflow for their great product, really accesible for non programmers as me. Also, thank you guys for the supportive community.

I only had one problem, which is making me going nuts, related to hosting a domain.
I contracted a personal plan + hosting in webflow, and the domain in 1&1.

Here it´s when my problem appears: since 1and1 changed their interface for changing DNS settings I don´t know how to proceed, the tutorials seem non related. I`ve read 10 times the procedure and there is no way I can fix this.
Here are my actual DNS settings:


Please, I would be totally grateful to anyone which can help. I am pretty sure the solution is obvious.

Thank you in advance and sorry if my english isn´t accurate.

Please guys, I need some help.

I found this article for you:

Also, maybe you can contact their support team with the following information:

(1) How can I update my domain’s DNS settings?
(2) How can I add two ARecords to my domain? ( and
(3) How can I add one CNAME Record to my “www.” subdomain? (

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Javier, were you able to get anything useful from contacting 1and1? I too am having the same issue. I originally tried to set up a URL redirect to my URL, but it wouldn’t work and Webflow told me it was against policy to redirect with using iframe, which it clearly was not. So I gave in and purchased the $4.99 hosting from Webflow hoping this would solve the problem and it clearly doesn’t. Suggestions?