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Use Webflow to only produce interactive banners?


I thought of creating an interactive banner and export the javascript/html/css needed to run it on an external website i own and host elsewhere. are there any legal issues or does it have any other implications?

I really dont want to display any ads for webflow either.
I have never used webflow and i dont have any knowledge about webflow and the banner will be produced by designers, thats why i ask you this.

While this isn’t really what the Webflow Designer has been created for (it’s been created to create full pages that you export or full CMS pages that you host at Webflow), there is nothing that prevents you to do so. It’s legally ok and if you can export your code, then it’s yours and Webflow has nothing to say/do about it. As long as you fit in the guidelines, which are forbidding you to develop content that is illegal or harassing, mostly.

Banners are usually very light in weight. What you will export from Webflow won’t be as optimized as a banner usually is. But if you’re self hosting it, then you’re the only juge.

thank you. i got a small test from our designers and i played around with the js/html/css but it seems like there is an ad in bottom right “made in webflow” and it required some attributes to be added on my html-tag for a form to work. can they make this a little bit more lightweight(without form logic/submissions) and remove ads and requirements to att attributes to our html-tag and let me handle the form submission to our servers?

What i mean is, can they just provide some html-markup, css, and a javascript without cluttering the html-tag ,and no ads?

The badge will disappear as soon as you pay for a Designer plan, which is fair game.

yes of course, those cheap designers! But how about the forms? Can they leave the forms blank so i can take over the submission? and leave the html-tag free from webflow attributes?

It’s easy to add/change some of the code of a Webflow form to make it valid for your own server. I’m not dealingwith forms so i can’t say more, but that’s easy for a dev or anyone who knows how to google :slight_smile: So design your form in Webflow and maybe you can even get the proper got for the POST command.