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Placing or embedding html5 banner ads

Hi. I have built some animated html5 banner ads using Bannersnack. ( My Webflow portfolio site uses a slider element to cycle through my portfolio samples and up until now, I have embedded Vimeo video links to show Flash animated banner samples. I want to update them with html5 banners. Bannersnack allows you to export linking code with iframes, responsive sizing and images for retina displays. They host your banner files on their servers. So far, this is working well and the banners look great and are positioned well.

But I would prefer to be able to post the files to the server my site is hosted on rather than pay for another subscription only to link to a few banner samples. Surely there is a way to do this?

I am not a coder, so I need to be able to export my code from Webflow and have the banner files included. Possible?

Here is the read-only link:

The live un-updated site is available here:

The “Work” link in the top menu scrolls down to the Work section. Click the Digital link at the top of the menu list. This is where you find the banners… 4 dots in or so on the slider.

Thanks in advance for your help!