Can we create HTML5 banners in Webflow?

Wondering if this is possible before we decide to outsource - thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Allix_Hannah: Yes it is definitely possible. We design all of our online display via Webflow. Essentially you just create a slider with the ad specs set as the defined width & height and then create interactions for the transitions. You can then set the loop duration to meet network needs. Once we build in Webflow, we export and then do some refining (changing font references to Google API links, compressing some JS and removing some unnecessary files).

We can now turn display banners around within hours from design to animation because of this. Hope this helps!


Thank you! It certainly does :slight_smile: Iโ€™m also curious, where do you usually export your HTML5 banners (Dreamweaver, etc?), and do you use a specific third party website to host them on the web? Do you also code any analytics into them? Thanks in advance!!

@Allix_Hannah - I have an article posted on here that actually walks you through it. Let me see if I can find it!


PS - ignore the creepy pic haha!


Hahahaha! Thank you Sean :slight_smile:

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@Allix_Hannah youโ€™re welcome! Glad I could help!

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