URLs in a Hierarchical Site Structure with Top Level Page

Hi all,

I saw an older post on this topic (Hierarchical URL Structure), but it’s about a year old now and wondering if there’s been any progress on this issue.

What I’m looking for is the ability to create a site with a page/url structure like this:

Home Page - /
About Us Page- /about-us/
History Page - /about-us/history/

Right now, I don’t see a way to end up with either

Home Page - /
About Us Page - /about-us-2/
About Us Folder- /about-us/
History Page - /about-us/history/


Home Page - /
About Us Page - /about-us/
About Us Folder- /about-us-2/
History Page - /about-us-2/history/

Neither of which is what we’re looking for of course.

In looking at webflow.com I couldn’t find any examples of subpages with URLs like that so I’m guessing it’s still not possible. If so, I’m just wondering what the best practice is that folks have been using to handle this, until we can have a page serve as a folder as well.


Samuel Liew - Snippets
Set Game by samliew

snippets is a page.
set-game is a page in a folder called snippets.

Create the page first, then the folder.

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Hmm, I must say I’m amazed that worked. I didn’t think the order of creation would matter.

Thanks so much for the tip!

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