Collections and Folders with the same slug (URL)

Hey everyone, we’re having a blast with Webflow but have hit a wall with a feature that we’d love to have.

I am trying to create a URL structure that would work like this:
/events (page and folder)
/events/meetups (page under “events” folder)
/events/conferences (page under “events” folder)
/events/this-is-an-event (collection item under “events” collection)
/events/this-is-another-event (collection item under “events” collection)

My problem is: that’s not possible.
If I already have an “Events” collection with the slug “events”, I can’t create an “Events” folder.
If I already have an “Events” folder with the slug “events”, I can’t create an “Events” collection.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to think of a sane way to solve it apart from having no folders (meaing, I’d have /meetups and /conferences without a parent folder).

Is something to solve this in the works?


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