Pages as Folders

I am completely stumped on this one, but I’m trying to setup a page hierarchy and I want 1 page to sit underneath another one, but without using folders.

For example &, where both ‘About’ and ‘Team’ are pages, If I create an ‘About’ folder, it can’t have the same URL as the ‘About’ page, thus I’m left with having, which looks sloppy and defeats the point of nesting pages underneath each other.

Is there a way to do this, or to design a folder page as I haven’t been able to work it out yet!


Try creating the folder first followed by the page.

based on webflows design
it would be
/about/team.html or

you cannot have
/about/index.html or

there’s a guy who’s complained about this several times.
i know because i’m the guy.

search for “index.html” or “index slug”
post is probably archived now.

See, it CAN be done. Possible since the beginning of time. < Page “project” < Page in folder “project”

How did you manage this? The only thing I can think of is using 301s to redirect a folder URL to a specific page, but if there is another way I would prefer that.

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