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Collection Url, can i change it?

Hi everyone,

Well, I know that it is written : “the slug cannot be edited after the collection has been created” but I have made a mistake in my slug url for my collection, and I really need to find a solution to either change it or export all my articles from a collection to another ? I already have 63 items in this collection…

Here is one article :
And here is my collection list :

I would like that my slug for 1 article become : le-jeudi-de-la-semaine and not le-menu-de-la-semaine

Thank you in advance for your helps,
Kind regards,

Once a Collection is created you can’t chance the slug url anymore.
Only way to do this is remake the whole collection and enter the correct slug.

Do you know if there is any way to duplicate all my articles ? Because if not… I will have 63 articles to rewrite -_-

Dont belive there is but maybe the support can help you with it. Sure they’re happy to help you with it.

Thank you for your advices :wink: ! For the moment I think I will keep it like this, and maybe later Webflow will allow us to change slug in url collection !