URGENT: Our plan is disabled and we can't reactivate it

We’re trying to launch our site in 24 hours and attempted to add seats so more people can help fix the remaining issues. The card payment failed once, so we’re trying to add a different card but we’re getting this error. And in the meantime our account is completely deactivated and unusable, we can’t even transfer the project to a different account :exploding_head: This is after we already paid for 2 seats, it’s not like we didn’t have a billing plan before.

Already contacted support, but I guess it’s the weekend and no one will respond until well after our planned release date (that we’ve been counting down to publicly to thousands of customers)

Really disappointed and frustrated after we’ve spent a lot of time learning Webflow and building our site during the past months.

@callmevlad @sabanna We can’t wait for the 1-2 day weekday support response time and can’t find any way to get priority support in a hurry, can anyone help?


We’ve responded to your email and are more than willing to help you re-access your account once we’ve verified your identity. Please look out for an email response from our team!


@Andrew Phew, thanks so much for the reply! Just replied to the email, looking forward to continuing the conversation there

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